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72 Lancer.

Ahhhh, finally i'm back from my Brunei training exercise trip le. Super duber shagged plus tired, even though i spent most of the my last 24 hours resting and sleeping whenever i get the time to do so!! So maybe i should start updating about my trip first eh, that's if you're interested to know about it=)

Alright, first thing first, i mustn't be too detailed about it since it's about the national defense eh?! So, moving on about the trip would be the Swamp Walk we did, the very first thing we did once we pretty much settled down in a day or two! Something that probably only we, the Commandos and Scouts will go through this phrase of training! Navigating in such a harsh condition isn't that hard, just that it's very uncomfortable and drains out lots of energy from you to keep moving since you can't really see what you are actually stepping on also, so almost every ten steps you would be finding yourself on your knees trying to recover from the fall or pit holes you got stuck into!! The previous batch of seniors record was 0/10 teams made it back to base camp and were forced to harbor for a night there, but for our batch, we at least broke the highest record of 3 teams to set a new record of 5 teams this year!! Though our team wasn't one of team cause at just 200m away from the end point, we had a casualty case and had to tend to him thus missing the time for them to get us back to camp, and we were forced to harbor there and feed the sand flies awaiting to feed on us!!

. . . and after harboring in the Swamp for a night, we carry on mission over at the River crossing site and did our Combat Swim across the river there before heading back to base camp to wash up and finally get a fresh clothing and cool nice shower as well!

Next up was our first and last Non-Tactical Navigation exercise, whereby we are able to start fire, build up basha, cook instant noodles, and basically just do whatever that makes us comfortable out in the field compared to the usual Tactical mode we have to be at, so though it was said to be enjoyable and comfortable, if it's wasn't for the rain to keep coming at the wrong timing, which is at our harbor time when the weather is also quite unpredictable!! After that, it pretty much sums up my first week at the training camp in Brunei.

The next two weeks of training, which just simply consist of three standard mission based training and a day of survival training by the perm staff over there where we had to prepare our own lunch as part of the survival program and it's an experience i would say to really feel to kill a chicken for the first time! A live one if i didn't mention earlier!! Shall not touch on too much about the training and move on to the final day of the trip, which is the R&R day for us to just relax and enjoy our self in the training country we went, which in this case is Brunei!

And so, our final day in Brunei was many trips to many Museum, and when i said many, i really meant MANY, though ultimately we didn't go to every place available, just to the more famous and worth sightseeing for the tour. One to specially mention is that the people there still lives in a place called the water village, where they literally build houses on top of a river and stay there. And from what i know, the Bruneian are more willing to stay there than those bungalows the government actually build for it's people... weird uh?! The introduction of Brunei from our tour guides, is actually quite simple. To summarize it, actually the Bruneians are basically living off the government cause the number of people actually living in the country and the amount of money the government has from all the natural resources, they are rich enough to support the whole country literally not working too hard, and enjoying all the privileges given to them by the government. Not sure whether to say it's a good or bad thing that the government is treating it's people so good?! Well, i guess it's not for me to comment too much about this issue also. Not much pictures were taken during the trip since it's a training exercise trip so no cameras were brought along, but i'm sure there will still be some personal pictures to be uploaded from my OC's personal camera!

Back to Singapore on 13 July 2010, 0200hrs safely, out of the Airport with my Duffel Bag and hand carry bag home for a day's rest before going back to camp the following day for parade rehearsal and pre-admin for the 72KM route march.

Attended the briefing for the 72KM march, prepared for it, had another morning parade rehearsal before moving out from camp at 1500hrs for the march. Going at a pace of 4KM per 45mins, with a 15mins break in between and with 3 1 hour meal breaks, the expected time to complete the whole 72KM was the following day 1200hrs. But all this are just based on calculation without adding in all the increased fatigue level and mental stress on our physical body. Moreover with the route planned out this year was to walk up and down from camp to Changi Coastal Road 3 times was quite mind-fukced i will say.

To put it simply, it's basically walking the 24KM route we took, just that this time it will be 3 times in total. And thinking back that day when we were just clearing the 24KM route, i died just 4KM left to the march. Although I completed the 35KM march without much problem, it was a different environment and condition we were walking, as compared to the 24KM one!! But nevertheless, we still had to go on with the planned route given to us. Plus, after climbing up and down the Brunei thick forest, walking this 72KM shouldn't be that hard after all eh?!

Walking the first 24KM was quite easy, i should say it didn't felt that bad compared the previous 24KM we walked. Maybe like what was told to us, after all the training and exercises build up our combat fitness to last much longer. So it didn't took me too much to complete it!!

Moving on to the next 24KM, this 2nd part was actually the hardest one to clear, as the fatigue level of the first 24KM started to build up, as we leave the camp gate once more, it was pretty mind-fukcing to think that i have to go for another one more before completing the march wasn't the best ideal way to start the second 24KM. The worst is that the timing for the march was around the wee hours in the morning, which is around 1-6am in the morning where it was really mentally draining and sleepy to just keep walking the coastal road, as it was just straight road with lamp post and no other human living being coming pass except some occasional cyclist or vehicle coming by.

We finally completed and reached the 48KM mark back in camp at 0600hours, the timing was considered quite behind time but still able to complete in time if we keep up the pace a little despite the fact that we are super shagged out by the march throughout the night already! Everyone was contemplating to just complete the rest of the march back in camp, but plan failed so we had to set off to our turning point at Changi Coast for the one last time le. Yet again, the cold start begun for me especially, but the plan was just to keep on walking, and walking, making every step counts and cutting down the distance as much as possible. Falling out from this march at this point is considered an impossible task so completing it was!

Pushing the final 8KM together as a whole was damn painful for me, cause I had to really push myself to the limits just to keep up with the whole pack, as i didn't want to be a burden to the rest. Whenever someone lacked behind the pack, the main pack will suffer and wait for you to keep up, so everyone was trying their best and putting in all the effort to complete the march together! And with that, we finally reach back Camp in 1400hrs, taking a rest before getting ready for the red beret presentation. Pictures will be up as soon as i get them uploaded, so meanwhile make do with this super long entry first=D

35 Brunei.

Haven't got much time to come online since my phone is still down when it comes to the internet, and not that the recreation room computers are always available as there is only 6 for the whole battalion to fight it out so i shan't blame anything or anyone, cause probably it's just me being lazy to go fight for it and write out a post during free time. I was either spending it on cooking Maggi, playing monopoly deal or just simply catching up on desperate housewives on my media player!! =)

Now currently having a long weekend break, a pre-break given for us to rest up and enjoy this short limited civilian time we have before heading up to Brunei on Tuesday night. So as i said above, Brunei training trip for the next 3 weeks, my first foreign country training, and i think it's going to be quite a good experience though i can already foresee how much of a torture or a pain it can be since we are going to be living in the forest, forest and nothing but more forest!! Not that the base camp i heard of is going to be very comfortable, so it's going to be a grueling 3 weeks of hell training for me, before coming back to Singapore on the 13th July.

Just before booking out this week, cleared my 35KM route march going up and down East Coast Park twice the distance as the weather over at Changi didn't allow us to head back straight to camp, so we had no choice to complete it like that. Well, not that it's not a good idea as it's the holidays and i'm sure there will be alot of people enjoying themselves there, so with such lively environment to walk in, and the 'bus-stop' syndrome we usually have, it became such an enjoyable thing compared to the other time when we walked 24KM instead! But sadly, the bad weather over at Changi means over at ECP, we are also experience rain, just that it's not that heavy till we have to cancel the march from what i heard during the break that in most areas in Singapore, there were FLOOD!!!

Of course, it took us quite a while to complete but enjoyed myself during the march. Ended it around 3 plus, took a 5-tonner back to camp, settled post admin for the march and went for dinner, after that OC allowed us to go for our nights out where we can all head home and take a pair of civilian clothes and book in with that from now onwards till further notice. Guess it's also about time, in about one month that we will be presented our red berets after a year long of training and turning operational company, ready to serve the country when needed and of course getting all the privileges a commando should have=) PS: lots of it were given earlier, but was taken back, so hopefully there is no more next time!!

Back to the nights out we were given, I went home to meet up with Baby dear and had dinner with her before sending her home since I had some time left before going back to camp!! Though the time spent was just a short 3 hours, but I'm sure it was a great 3 hours we are able to spent together and that we will always remember all this little short meet ups we have and treasure it!! This coming 3 weeks of training is probably going to be a nice obstacle for baby to go through, though i know it's going to be really really hard for you, but always remember that i will be feeling the same way and that i will be thinking of you when i'm shagging out in the field=) Love you and miss you lots!!!

Alright, shall not feed the post too much and get back to my game of Dota before i sleep for the night already!!!!


Got another chance to write out an entry, so might as well finish up and submit the post before i get too lazy to write again. And so, before i start dragging my legs and hands in this entry, just wanna talk about the 25KM run i just completed last Saturday.

Booked out from camp around 12pm, though it was supposed to be around 930am, but due to several unforeseen circumstances, we got delayed, but i have got no choice but to wait till the green light to go off. Reach back home at around 12.40PM sharing cab with Kenneth, Wilfred and Nic. Met up with baby at home, take away beef hor fun for lunch, rested for about 30 short minutes before heading out to Bedok Mrt to meet up with Adrian, Dehui and Aifred. . . . >>

>>. . . Reached East Coast Park after avoid a huge jam, caught up with Fu, Chee Swee, Toh Wee & Mervyn and head off to the starting line of the race. We planned to set off at Wave 2 at 1630hrs, 10 minutes after the elite Wave 1 since we are just trying to complete the race and not competing for any position. But seems like there are just too many runners to squeeze out from the starting line so we had to wait till the final Wave at 1640hrs before we could flag off the start of the 'torturing' 25KM i've signed up for!!

Initially, all of us ran together but it didn't take too long to find out that all of us are actually of different pacing and thus, we kinda broke contact just after 2KM i think?! And of course, knowing myself having to go through this 25KM, i will be running at such a slower pace den usual just in case I CANNOT MAKE IT halfway through!! LOLx

Well, i shall not be telling the whole story of my journey in this 25KM race, but i will be summarizing it to a shorter version to share my experience with every reader who might or might not even read this entry!! And thus, I was trying my best to maintain running throughout the whole journey but seems like my mental strength isn't as strong as i thought it would be, so after the 15KM mark, i died-ed!! although it may just seem to be 10KM more to go, and after running for 15KM, what's another 10 more... but i was so wrong!! The fatigue, strain on my ankle, calf, thighs, back and even the joints are screaming for help, though i wasn't the only one having such problem, it shouldn't be an excuse since i didn't really put in too much effort in training for it anyways=( Guilty but i somehow managed to scrap through to complete the 25KM in 3Hrs 30Mins ??Secs. I don't think its such a fantastic timing but at least its an achievement for someone like me who doesn't even like running to complete this 25KM milestone!

Just a little short note from what Adrian asked me after the race, was what i like and hate most about this race. And this is what i said,

1) The cool breeze, fresh air coming from the sea!

2) The 100Plus water point there is everywhere for me to hydrate.

3) The number of passionate runners in Singapore even though they don't look fit for the 25KM!

1) The so many runners that kept walking that is making my mind weaker each KM as the further i get, the more runners i see walking!! =p

2) The KM marking which seems forever before its the next mark!!

3) The running route which is just within East Coast, that keeps going up and down the track which can be quite mind-f@&*ing at times..

4) The first runner which completed the 25KM at around an hours plus, when i just finally made it to the 12KM mark!!!! D=

Well, AHM's 21KM shouldn't be much of a problem for me to complete it as well. But maybe, just maybe i might want to try and complete the Standard Charted 42.125KM as the final milestone i would want to hit in my lifetime bah!! The 84KM route is almost impossible for someone like me who doesn't have the passion! Alright, gotta go off and sleep before my medical checkup in the morning at the AeroMedical Center!!

Ciaoz and have a good night readers!


Finally decided to blog an entry, if not the first but surely the first standard post of the year in my blog bah! Not that i have too much of time left before lights off after a whole day of weapon training, i will try to write out and update as much as possible so pardon my language as there is just too little time to complete everything out.

Actually, in short most of the time in my weekly life is spent in the army, serving my national service for the past 11 months already. Now currently going through operational conversion training, where after a year of hard work I'm finally going to get my coveted red beret after a gruesome 72KM route march that will happen somewhere after June period when im back from Brunei training!

For the past few months, I've been cross training with the other vocation, since i'm signal trained, so being the best soldier in the country, we must be able to take up each others job in any case of casualty. In order to make my time in camp spent more worthwhile, i also took up SAF Lifeguard course, and spending two weeks in camp swimming and learning a lot of survival techniques and passed out from the course, fully qualified as lifeguard to cover for my company to work on water obstacles if necessary.

Time is running out as i type this entry out, so the best way to make it up to everyone who might even read this post after 6 months of inactivity of my blog, here's some fantastic pictures taken during my grandmother's birthday just two weeks back=D Enjoy!!

Let's us start off with a picture of my baby♥, Photobucket

First Dish: Man Tou

Vegetarian Noodles for my Eldest Aunt

Prawn Platter

Soon Hock Fish for dinner, yummy!!

Whole Chicken with the head being in focus here!!

Famous Yam Ring~

Veggie!! Kai Lan isit?!

Final Dish: Chilli Crab for the win!!

Now, while those really looks yummy and seems more like an introduction to food, making it like a food blog, let's get back to my own life and celebration...

Birthday Cake: Oreo

Birthday Girl w/Cake

That's me and baby with my grandmother

And this is my nephew, Russell~

Ain't he a cutie!! Awww....

Another nephew of mine, Raphael with baby<3!!
That's baby<3 ^^.!!!!!!
Finally a picture of both of us=) been a while since i taken picture after that freak accident i got earlier this year=X

And, finally not to miss, the usual dessert at the end, Longan w/almond.

Hopefully this post is good enough for all readers out there who still even bothers to visit my dusty little blog after 6 months being dead!! With my phone a little faulty, and the computers in camp being conquered half the time, i would really hope to have the time to keep up with more entries, and hopefully time will allow me to do so=D Hope everyone is doing fine as well eh! Ciaoz~~

It's been ages since i last blog le. Hahaha. How time flies..


Took a while to get this three hundredth post to be out, but at least its finally out. Plus, fulfilling in trying to at least have a post on and off regularly in a week, so heres one before lunch time. Nothing much for today, so shall talk about the games day we had the day before.

We had our games day, consisting of several mini games and ultimate frisbee being the main event. Not that i had much of a choice, i played in the main event. Haven't really got the time to go for any pickups, nor practise in camp so my pulls and throws were pretty rusty i guess. Luckily there is still a quick refresher for us to practise a little just before the event. Tested my team for the first game, see how good they can go. And so they did started the game well though we lost in the end 3-2 i think. Not to worry cause the first round determine which side of the group we belong and that if we win the rest of the group, we can still be champions!!

Cutting short the long story, i could only managed to bring the team to the semis, before losing it 3-0 to a better team!! They were a faster, determined and more efficient team than us. Along with a excellent thrower they have in the team, we just couldnt handle them at all. Overall it was a good experience for me and everyone else, so hopefully they get a feel of competition and enjoying a game of frisbee:)) hurt my back during the game through a collision but i should recover in a day or two!!


I've been wondering why i haven't been able to blog out an entry for this few months even though i already got my phone that i wanted le. Not that i ran out of topics to write, cause every single day even though im stuck within a 3km radius cause im learning and experiencing new stuff!! But somehow i just cant find the motivation to just sit down and write out an entry, or felt lazy when i got the time to do so!! Nevertheless i think it will be a good start to begin with this post again though god knows is there any readers left cause seems like this blog's inactivity has lost many supportive readers:)) Must use this space to thank this special group of readers, i will somehow try to constantly update tis space though dnt expect too much. With my phone abilities, it should just be more words less pictures!!

Probaby just a summary of what i wanted to say, that been thinking about alot of factors in life, many issues been bothering me but yet i do not want to avoid it cause sooner or later it will catch up to me, so why not use this time now to carefully think and improve my present while planning ahead for the future. No one knows what the future may bring but its always good to prepare for a rainy day:) Guess i shall stop here for today, hopefully i will be able to carry on tomorrow!!

Overdue II.

Ahh, back with more overdue pictures taken during my birthday celebration!!

Long Time Old Friend of Mine, Nicholas

Muffin Baker, Shulin

Jun Hao & Feng Ling

Heats of Shuttle OC Team

Spongebob Squarepant 2009 FOC


B.R.O.T.H.E.R.H.O.O.D w/ Girlfriends

My Family Members


Dad's Family

Mum's Family

Everybody in the house!!

That's bascially everything i have for my birthday celebration!! Be Right Back!



More than a month since the last entry from my blog, was either too tired or lazy every weekend im out from camp. Doubt there will be much since so many events happening throughout the one month period, so while im sorting out everything, let me just entertain readers with a photo journey of my 21st birthday last month=D

HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY TO MYSELF, realizing i didn't wish myself over the blog=D

That's me trying to link up my laptop over to the TV set available

Happy "Family" - Russell, Me and Weishan


Rare picture taken with my niece, Zena

Russell & Me

21 cupcakes baked personally by Shulin!

Lack of time to post everything up, just when i got the mood to blog an entry=D looks like this few pictures will clean up the blog while i complete the entry this coming weekend, promise yeah so look forward to it=DD